I Avoided Prison! It’s a Miracle!

My fun adventure at the pharmacy!

I pull up to the drive-through window to pick up 3 prescriptions; all 3 of which I’ve been filling at this pharmacy for years.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: Can you please make sure to include 25-gauge needles for the B-12 injections?

(As they always tend to forget the damn needles.)

Pharmacy Dude: Do you have a prescription for that?

Me: Yes. The bag you are about to hand me has 3 vials of injectable B-12. So I need the needles to be able to inject it.

Pharmacy Dude: But do you have a prescription for the needles?

Me: Well, I’m certain my doctor doesn’t expect me to drink the vials of B-12 and I’ve been filling this prescription here for years…

(I tried not to be too snarky. It was challenging. Now insert a long pause… waiting… waiting…)

Pharmacy Dude: I’m going to have to check.

(He stands there, staring at me through the window and does nothing.)

Me: Do you give needles to people using injectable insulin?

(I’m TRYING to help him make the mental connection that injectable prescriptions need some way of being injected.)

Pharmacy Dude: Of course.

Me: Then wouldn’t it make sense that if I have to inject my prescription B-12 that I might need needles?

(I said this politely, though that was not my go-to emotion at this point.)

Pharmacy Dude: (Stares into space. For a long time.)

Me: They are 25-gauge, 1.5 inch needles. I need 3 of them.

Pharmacy Dude: (Continues to look at me like I’ve sprouted a second head.)

Me: One needle for each month. It’s a 3-month refill. One needle per vial. So I need 3 needles.

(And here I am thinking that this explanation will make it clear what I need. I am an idiot.)

Pharmacy Dude: So that was one 46-gauge needle?

Me: No. I need three 25-gauge needles; one for each vial as reusing needles is unsafe.

(Does that needle even exist??? I’m still trying to still be polite, but want to burn the fucking building to the ground.)

Pharmacy Dude: I gotta go ask.

Me: Take your time.

(I should get an award for patience and not dragging him through the drive-through window for undisclosed purposes.)

Pharmacy Dude: Okay. Here you go.

(Gives me one 21-gauge needle–fuck that, that’s like trying to inject yourself with a straw.)

Me: I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear…

(Insert me explaining AGAIN what I need. Then, as he’s doing God knows what that I cannot see, I wait for the entire length of the song, Southern Cross, to play on my car stereo. La la la…)

Pharmacy Dude: Here you go.

ALAS!!! Finally!! The correct needles.

But only 2 of them.

I gave up, drove away, and just bought 50 of them from a medical supply company. Not worth the insanity!!!

Note: You cannot inject anything like this:

22 comments on “I Avoided Prison! It’s a Miracle!

  1. You should have used your Jedi mind trick. Although from the sounds of it, he had already been mind-tricked a few too many times already and left him with nothing but scarred tissue inside the otherwise empty dome sat above his shoulders. Damn, what is with some people? Did they actually train to be imbeciles, or is it a part of the job description.

    Hmmm, maybe my ex-wife should apply HAHAHA

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    • I wanted to use The Force to levitate him into the air and have him keep going up and up and up until there was no oxygen! πŸ˜‰

      While my go-to emotions (after the first 5 minutes of this ridiculous encounter) was to eviscerate him with my snarky mouth, I just kept telling myself that maybe it was his first day. Maybe he wasn’t feeling well. Maybe his personal life was in shambles. Maybe he just started a new med that makes him dopey. It was the only way I kept from unleashing on him in my polite, but sharp-tongued manner.

      Sometimes it is SO NOT EASY to be patient and nice.

      Oh, and I’d imagine your ex and he would get along beautifully in the stupor and joy of being imbecilic! πŸ˜‰

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  2. An interesting look into another country’s healthcare! Sounds like a nightmare of officialdom – or a cretin employed at the pharmacy! I also have three-monthly B12 injections: my GP gives me a repeat prescription for that and my other meds. I collect from pharmacy and a nurse at my GP practice does the stabbing for me. Easy, and my pharmacy has assistants with a few brain cells to rub together, too πŸ˜‰ (PS the book has arrived, thank you 😊)

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    • It was a complete lesson in patience, stupidity, a lack of common sense, and poor listening skills. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜³

      I’m typically super easygoing. Keeps me sane and as healthy as possible, but I’ll tell you… that adventure challenged me to my limits!

      I’m glad you can get someone else to stab you… doing it myself, even though I’ve been doing it for 6 years, always inspires terror in the moments before the stabbing occurs. It’s just unnatural to jam metal into your own body!

      One thing I learned is to draw the liquid out using one needle, then replace it with a new needle. Sometimes, giving myself the shot hurt like hell and bled everywhere. Other times it didn’t hurt at all. Turns out that just puncturing the vial dulls the needle. No more of that for me!! Glad I ordered them in bulk. Now I never again have to worry about dimwitted pharmacy techs and dull needles. Mercy… πŸ˜‰

      So happy you received your book. Yay! I hope you get a giggle or two. Hugs from across the pond!

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      • You did really well! I think even my traditional British reserve and fear of confrontation would have been stretched to the point of expletives! I couldn’t do my own injections, so I hope I never succumb to diabetes. Could be awkward.

        Many thanks for the book. I’ve dipped in a bit, in between cricket and football, and I think I’m going to enjoy it. Reciprocated hugs 😊

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        • Giving oneself a shot is simply unnatural! I’m very needle phobic, so it’s been quite the journey.

          Cricket and football, with an occasional page or two from a sassy book, sounds like a wonderful Sunday. I’m enjoying a lovely, relaxing day myself. I’m certain it’s well earned for us both. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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          • Likewise. I don’t know if I could do it: the thought appals me!

            I’ve had worse days, glad yours is good too. Now that I’ve retired my weeks comprise six Saturdays and a Sunday, and I tell myself I’ve earned the rest πŸ˜‰

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  3. Incredible! Why is it so difficult to listen? Glad you were able to figure out a solution, Lord knows you tried patiently. When I come across a challenging situation and I have to restrain myself from reacting violently, I think to myself, maybe that person has bigger problems and just let it go, it’s not worth it.

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    • Hi old friend! I hope you are well. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

      It was soooooo hard remaining calm and not overly snarky. My gut reaction is always to lean heavily into sarcasm. But, like you, my better self typically wins and I try to think about the challenges that person may be facing about which I have no idea.

      It’s sooooo hard though. I’m so full of snark and sass that I have to actively sedate my brain. Though, in this particular case, I sincerely think he was just high. πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‰


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