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Please check out this kick ass blog post regarding the Sex and Intimacy books. My heart just melted when I read Dambreaker’s review. Click here to read.

Happy reader review for Intimacy: How to Get More of It:

“Your book was phenomenal. I loved it’s simple and loving style. It made me feel like you were giving me straight advice I really needed to hear. I learned about what I have done in my past relationships to sabotage them. What a relief to find the tools to create the relationship of my dreams. Having your book gave me the confidence to love my husband once again! Thanks to you.”

Happy reader review for Sex: How to Get More of It:

“This is the sort of book the community is in desperate need of. No romanticizing, no sugar-coating–things are said plain and raw, following the very concept it preaches: Minimum amount of words, Maximum amount of information.

My first assumption was that I’d be drowning the slim volume in highlighter ink. Suffice to say, it was hard not to highlight all of it; it’s just filled with vital information. The text itself demands it be taken seriously. Small compliments all the time are WAY better than a trip to Hawaii, that’s definitely correct. For anyone interested in reclaiming your love life, I recommend that you buy this book, as I did.  Thank you so much Jodi.” –James

Here’s a 5 star review from expert book reviewer Joey Pinkney on

“Man is a simple animal, indeed. Everything that he wants or needs is procured through hunting and gathering. But what about one of the things that he is hardwired to need the most: sex? For sex, the path of least resistance usually intersects with legal issues, to say the least.

Men, how do you get more sex out of the woman you love? Easy: make sure feel loved and comfortable. The challenge for a man becomes being able to do the things a woman needs as opposed to what a man thinks his woman needs. There is a distinct difference.

Enter Jodi Ambrose to the rescue with the open dialogue within Sex: How to Get More of It. It’s not a predator’s handbook on how to snag his latest “conquest”. Instead, it maps out the hows and the whys a man needs to understand in order to learn the nuances of the give and go of compromise with his female companion. This book is essentially the layman’s guide to the psychology of women.

Coming in at a brisk 30 pages, Sex: How to Get More of It is a quick read that is chock full of easy-to-understand information. Ambrose writes in a relaxed voice. She’s not afraid to drop a curse word here or there to spice her witty banter. Don’t let the wit and humor fool you, Ambrose really lets the male reader inside the inner-workings of a successful relationship with women in general.

The format of Sex: How to Get More of It is simple. After an intro to get you ready for the tone and language that will shortly follow, Ambrose gives you “The List”. This syllabus is the guide by which the rest of the handbook is based. Some are common sense, some are sappy and others might make most men cringe. But they all make sense one way or another, and that’s what make this book pure genius. Ambrose says in a few words what a psychologist would need a thesis to discuss.

What did I like about this book? The brevity. The sensibility. For instance, Ambrose lets it be known that there are some instances that it’s ok, and even pertinent, that you lie to keep a level of sanity in the relationship. (Q: “Does this [clothing item] make me look fat?” A: “No.”) I really like Ambrose’s conversational style. If you are easily offended by “adult” language, read Sex: How to Get More of It anyway because of the solid information.

In the genre of relationship books that come off as stuffy and detached, Ambrose brings a flare and panache along with common sense to give a man in need a hand indeed. If you are a man that wants to know a little more about how to “grease the wheel”, so to speak, this is a perfect book to reference now and again. In reading Sex: How to Get More of It, you begin to realize that it’s not about how to gain more sex. Jodi Ambrose points out how to get your woman to feel more comfortable and more secure in your relationship.” –Joey Pinkney

Review by Rachel Tighe, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Communication Studies, The University of Virginia’s College at Wise.

“This book is a much-needed idiot’s guide to women.  It is honest, frank, and funny.  I wish more books on relationships were this straight-forward and witty.  Jodi Ambrose gives practical, real-world advice without sounding preachy or patronizing like some self-help authors.  I have already recommended this book to many men and women as I believe both genders will enjoy and learn a great deal from it.”

Reviews by some wonderful people that wanted me to know what they thought (I didn’t fix the grammar, though not doing so almost killed me!) 😉

“i’m not even kidding. this book changed my marriage for the better. my wife and i have been together for many years and it had gotten stale and boring–like most marriages. a friend recommended this book so i thought i’d give it a go. not only did i laugh the whole time I read it but i learned stuff too. i thought i knew what made my wife act the way she does, but i realize now that i didn’t. this book is short, tells it like it is, and doesn’t preach at you, though she is quite blunt. all men should read this. you’ll get a happier wife and more sex. “–Willy”

“Love your book!!!! Wish everyone would buy it! Shared it with everyone I know. You are soooooooooooo funny!!!!! Everybody buy the book!!!It’s awesome!!!” –Sherri

“Got your book in the mail yesterday, read it last night, got laid before lunchtime today. Guess it worked! Ok, that’s an exaggeration… But I did enjoy the quick read – very insightful and very funny! I think you’re onto something and only scratching the surface of this blossoming enterprise!” –Keith

Jodi hit the nail on the head – what a hilarious book. I enjoyed reading this so much. She knows her stuff and any guy that reads this will be a hit in their woman’s eyes (for sure).

Anyone looking to “Spice up” their love life should definitely read this – you can pick up some good tips (and she even walks you through them), because I guess some guys need a HOW TO.. I must admit I am thinking of leaving this on the nightstand so that my hubby can remember that sometimes it’s the little things you can do in a relationship that mean the most.

I can’t wait to read whatever else she has in store for us.” –Denise

“The best part of this book is how down-to-earth the author is. she writes like shes talking to you, not at you. i read a tip a day and my fiance thinks shes the luckiest gal on earth. the book shows you that you don’t have to be a millionaire and you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to understand what your gal really wants and why she wants it.  i’m giving this book to my dad for Christmas. my mom will be glad that I did. i wish i’d read this book 5 years ago. i’d have saved alot of wasted money. great book. you should bye it. its worth it and its short so it doesn’t take forever to read. loved it. ” –Geoff

“My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed reading Jodi’s book!! 🙂 She really understands how men think and what women want from men!! This book is beautifully packaged in a very simplistic and humorous manner…only the dimmest of Neanderthals wouldn’t get it!  If men and women in a relationship are wondering why they’re not getting any bedroom action…read Jodi’s book to find out and go getcha some!” –Gina

“I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard. This chick is hilarious. What I liked most is that she seems to get that women can be insane and that men can be pretty non-observant, but doesn’t criticize either gender. All men should read this book and if you are a man and don’t think you need this book, you do. Every guy could learn something. And hey, if it gets you more “nookie” as the author suggests, isn’t it worth it?  You have to give this a read. If for nothing else, numbers 4, 6, 13 and 19 are the funniest things you’ll ever read.  WELL WORTH THE MONEY! (Actually, after having read it I’d have paid more for it, but shhhhhh don’t tell.) –Amber

“Not only is this book an easy read, its hilarious! its true that the simple things really do make for a GREAT relationship. the book is short and 100% true. lets just say, regardless if youre a man or a woman, if you follow these steps it’ll get you BOTH more 😉 and hey, thats good for everyone!  Bottom line…I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to men and women of ANY age. its like successful relationship therapy for only 9 bucks! ” –Chris

“I was happily surprised that a book written for men was so fun a read for women too! This book makes so much sense, it makes me wonder why all guys don’t already know this stuff. But they don’t. Now though, all they have to do is spend a few bucks to get this book and they’ll know all the secrets to women.  I also liked how short it was. I get bored really easily with a lot of books, but this one told me everything I needed to know concisely and with a sense of humor. THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN. You will, without a doubt, learn something new. AND, guys, you’ll learn you don’t have to spend a lot of money on women to make them happy (believe it or not), there are many other things that you can do that don’t cost one red cent. BUY THIS BOOK. You’ll love it.” –Beth

“OMG: He went into the other room to fart…your book does work! LOL Thanks!!!!!”–Kari

“The book is awesome babe ;)” –Joe

“Your book cracked. me. UP. I seriously cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard at a book. It was candid and hilarious without ever being crass and, most of all, it was right. I kept looking for something i disagreed with (because I am a unique snowflake, damn it, and my reactions cannot be predicted so easily) but i couldn’t find a single thing. I thought you came across as very sympathetic to both men and women. You didn’t pick sides. You said women are sometimes crazy bitches, but explained why. Kudos to you, lady, kudos to you :)” –Sarah

“I know as women we can be difficult…but by reading this book and using these steps, you’ll have me eating out of your hand and enjoying it. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…and last but not least…you’ll get everything your evil heart desires in less than 20 steps. Bob Villa would be proud guys.” –Jessica

“I want to buy a million copies and just leave them around random places for men to find. The world would be a better place.” –Shelby

“Interesting angle on this topic, and well-written with a good sense of humor. All too often, men are selfish and oblivious to the world around them. It seems like this book might help some men gain a larger perspective about relationships, even if it is gained through their desire for sex.” –Eric

“A practical guide to your girlfriend that doesn’t read like a riddle.” –Dom

“An entertaining, insightful book that provides very specific advice on how to keep a woman happy. Following these guidelines is bound to put the spark back into your relationship.” –Brock

“Fu*kin’ awesome.” –Brenda

“BUY THIS BOOK. You’ll love it.” –Beth

“The book is so awesome.” –Jess

“This was money very well spent. I’d advise all men and even women to buy the book. At a minimum it will make you laugh. At most it’ll help you get more quality time in the bedroom. Break out your wallets guys, the guide is inexpensive, and worth way more than it’ll cost you.” –Jim

“I loved it! So did my 3rd husband. Yes, I said third. It’s taken me that long to find a decent guy. LOL We read it together. It was sooooooo much fun! He is really quiet, so to hear him laugh out loud, loudly, was very enjoyable for me. You are a trip girl!!!! …..and sooooo smart! Lucky for me, he meets all of the 20 on “the list”; except for the farting. LOL He felt bad about that. LOL!!! They aren’t stinkers, so it’s OK. LOL I’m so glad you wrote the book!!! I hope it is selling millions of copies! Best of luck to you in everything you do!” –Kari

“GREAT READ!!!!” –Janice

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