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Varmints, Critters and Furries, OH MY!

Since you guys seemed to like my furry friends, I thought I’d share a few more with you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking pictures of things that are fuzzy. It makes me happy just looking at them. I wanna take them all home, put them in my bed and just roll around and giggle all over them. Wait. Does that make me sound like a freak? Probably. 🙂

This furry little monster followed me around all day, licking me and nudging my butt. I fell immediately in love with him!!

Baby Got Back! Good lord, alpaca butts are cute!!

My sweet little chipmunk friend, in a bit more detail. I was literally 3 feet from his face. I cannot believe how he just sat there and posed for me. 🙂

Yeah, I’m not messing with this Mo Fo! Snakey gone wild!

Yeah, I’m done entertaining people. You can take a picture, but I’m not gonna pose! I’m NOT! I swear, this is not me posing pretty for the camera.

I don’t know what the hell kinda kitties these are but I love the little one. WHACK! Right on Mommy’s nose. 🙂

“Hiiiiiii-ya! Take THAT!” My idea of Heaven, I kid you not, is being able to roll around in the water with a big pile of non-pooping, non-biting otters. I sure hope God gives that to me when I die. 🙂

Who knew otters pondered world peace? That is one contemplative otter!

This little stinker chased me around the lake! Can’t blame her for trying to protect those little fuzzy critters.

I would NOT want to be the little mousie that he has in his sights!

Dang! That thar is a fine lookin’ duck. 😉 PRETTY SWAN!!!

I LOVE PANDA! He fell out of the tree and bonked his cute head.

Ask and ye shall receive! You guys liked my chicken monster so much, I thought I’d put a pic of his little furry buddy in here too. Can someone tell me WHERE THE HELL HIS FACE IS???  I see no beak. No eyes. No nuffin! He’s Furry Ninja Chicken!

And last but most certainly not least, a tribute pic of my sweet, precious, departed angels: Princess and BooBoo. I loved these kitties more than I can ever express and was blessed to have these little sister kitties in my life for 16 years. I love you BooBoo and Princess!!!

Thanks for peeking at my critters!! In case you can’t tell, I’m a sucker for the fuzzy things!

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

I love furry things. Most of you know that by now. The furrier the better. So, I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite pics from over the years. I love photography and would happily sit in a jungle all day (well, one without mosquitoes) to get pictures of cute critters.

Hang on, did I just write a post with no sarcasm? Hmmm…not sure I know what to do with that. 😉


Think he’d let me nuzzle his neck without eating my face?

I LOVE HIM!!! He was eating a banana I gave him. When I turned these pics in, 100 years ago, to get them cropped, the owner of the photography studio stole my negatives, entered my pictures into a wildlife photography contest and won awards with my sweet little groundhog pics. I sincerely wanted to burn his house to the ground.

OH MY GOD! Look at the furry chicken! Look at those feet!!!

This little cuddlebear posed for me for 10 minutes. Yet another critter I wanna eat in a non-eaty way. 😉