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Monty Python? A Girl’s Greatest Lie?

Okay, ladies. I have a question for you. Don’t feel left out, gentlemen–I have one for you too.

I have sat through many a Monty Python in my life. MANY. With a whole host of men over the years. Yes, the cheese shop one was funny. The dead bird one made me laugh. That one song about men being glad they have a penis? Yeah, that’s funny too. But that is THREE FRIGGIN’ SKITS OUT OF A MILLION! Every time I’ve ever started dating a guy, within the first few months I always end up suffering through Life of Brian or some other Python thing. Not that those guys aren’t talented–I’m not questioning that. But, I freaking hate those movies. HATE them! Now that I’m old and don’t give a shit what anyone thinks, I refuse to sit through them anymore so that I seem like “The Cool Girl.” I simply refuse.

My thought is that women suffer through Monty Python to bond with their man, not out of an undying love for it. This came up the other day with the hubby and he was horrified that I’d ever say such a thing. After all, isn’t Monty Python the funniest thing on planet earth?

While I realize the answers to these questions may be different for people in the UK (yes, Mondrak, YOU!) I have to know these things:

  1. Ladies, do you really really like Monty Python or have you suffered in silence while your man passes out with laughter?
  2. Gentlemen, what makes you love MP so much???? WHAT??? I NEED TO KNOW.

I know what I’m hoping the ladies’ answers are because I want to say, “Ha ha, told you so!” to the hubby (kidding, I wouldn’t be THAT awful–well…).

Help me understand if I am just missing something, am a complete dullard, or if I’m just one of many women who suffer through it while praying all the while that either Jesus will come back or an asteroid will land on my house. 🙂