Cougar Chat Radio Tonight! Join Us!

Get ready for some insanity because tonight I’m going to be on Cougar Chat Radio.

These ladies are wonderfully looney and I simply adore them! 🙂

Our main topic is going to be emotional affairs, like my post last week addressed. But, a birdie whispered in my ear that we’ll also be discussing my childhood addition to using my mom’s pregnancy-avoiding-device as a water fountain and shower. If you didn’t read my post from earlier today, you have to be wondering what in hell I’m talking about. Tune in and find out!

Here’s the link to the show:

Can’t wait to talk to you guys tonight, on-air!

Join me on the radio tonight!

Hi everyone! I may have taken a few days off from blogging (too much working this weekend!) but I wanted to remind you guys of my radio spot tonight on Cougar Chat Radio!

Here’s the link:

It comes on at 9:00pm Eastern.

The gorgeous, feisty ladies and I are going to dish about all kinds of love, relationship and sex goodies. You can call in and ask questions too! Call 717-496-9900.

Come join me! 🙂

Join me on Cougar Chat Radio!

Cougar Chat Radio

Woo hoo! It’s radio time again! I love being interviewed on the radio. It’s so much dang fun! I hope you guys listen in as we’ll be talking about all kinds of good stuff: sex, relationships, my 2 books, how to be happy, etc..

Date: Monday, April 30th

Time: 9:00pm Eastern

Cougar Chat’s website is here:

You can listen in to the radio broadcast here:

You can also call in during the show and ask questions. 717-496-9900.

Wow, I’m pretty sure that’s the shortest post I’ve ever written. I’m soooo ready for the weekend!