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What the f*ck is up with Duck Face?


Ladies, please believe me when I say that this ‘posing for pictures with a duck face’ phenomena is a load of horse shit. Can you please stop doing it? Please? I’ll give you a dollar.

The first time I noticed this “trend” is when a friend of mine’s daughter posted one on FB a few years ago. It was kinda cute and silly, but certainly didn’t show her off to be the stunningly gorgeous girl she is. Now, don’t get me wrong. God knows I’ve posted horrifyingly ridiculous pics of my own face here and on FB–I’m not against looking like a freak/weirdo/whackadoo in a picture. They’d be boring if they all looked the same. But over the last few years I see more and more often that young girls in particular always take these self portraits while dressed in bootie shorts, too-tight half-shirts and donning a duck face. Why, I beg of you…why?

I can’t quite figure out why anyone (in most cases) would think duck face is sexy, hot, pretty, etc… (Oh my God. Epiphany here. I’ve just turned into my mother yelling at me to get my hair outta my face. I guess there’s a different mom reprimand with each generation. Good grief. Now I’m going to need therapy.)

Okay, back to duck face. Below is a random sampling of duck face pics I pulled off of Google images. I chopped off the tops of their heads so that no one would be identifiable, though I’m sure all these ladies are lovely and delightful when normal-faced–which is just one more reason I don’t understand duck face. Can anyone tell me why this is the only way to take a picture nowadays if you are under the age of 30?

duck 7 duck 6 duck 2duck 4duck 3duck 1duck 5

Just to show that I’m no hypocrite, here are several of me with my own duck face, and even one with Grant, (thought they were mostly taken before the duck face phenomena became rampant and I had a specific reason for intentionally looking like an ass in each one!). 😉

Jodi duck face2Jodi duck face  Jodi duck face3Jodi and grant duck face

Good grief…why am I sooooooooo white in that one pic?

Okay, I’m now done with my first rant of the new year, quickly written on my lunch break while scarfing pizza. Whew! 🙂