Happy Easter from a Sass-Mouth!

I wanted to wish everyone a very happy and blessed Easter. While to a lot of people it’s a day of Easter Bunnies (I put together 2 baskets myself!) and good food, for me it’s that and a day to thank God and Jesus for the both the sacrifice and the gift that bless us all.

I know I have the mouth of a trucker, write books about sex and love and relationships, and am as sarcastic as the day is long, but under all of that is a wonderful and personal relationship with God. I am so very thankful to God each and every day of my life for blessing me with all the amazing gifts I experience on a daily basis. I have a wonderful mommy and sister. My aunt, who is terminally ill with ovarian (and a few other types of) cancer has managed to outlive all the doctor’s expectations and even has good days sometimes. My husband is the kindest, funniest, sexiest, cuddliest, most generous man on earth. I have a good job, successful books and my health. These blessings come straight from God and I am so very thankful for them all.

I know how dark life can be, as I’ve been in that black room more than once. But knowing that the strength, love, compassion and kindness of God is right there if I need it reminds me that the light is but a step away at all times. I’ve been blessed more than once with miracles from God and today I want to thank Him publicly for His ever-present, guiding hand.

Happy Easter everyone and blessings to you all.