Since tomorrow is freaking Monday…for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome. 🙂


Make sure your volume is up! 🙂


I look like an idiot. I’m okay with that.

There I am, driving down the road singing my heart out and car dancing like nobody’s watching–just having a grand ole time, when I see someone else doing what I’m doing to the same song on the radio. We were quite the vocal duet at the traffic light. My thoughts were these:

  • Oh my God, they look silly!
  • Oh my God, I’m doing the same thing!
  • Oh my God, I bet I look silly too!
  • Meh…who cares?

Then I turned up the volume and my stoplight partner in crime and I both danced and sang the time away until a green light ended the song.

It doesn’t matter what the song is, chances are that if it’s on a CD of mine I know every word. Whether it’s Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd, Lionel Richie or something in between, I’m a singing and car dancing fool! And why not? So I look like an idiot? So people in the cars around probably want to jam a pencil into their ear drums? I find few things to be as fun as hauling ass down the highway with my doors rattling from the bass vibration while pretending I’m on American Idol.

So, do I look like a dork? I’m quite positive I do. But will I ever let that stop me, even when I’m old and toothless and can carry a tune even worse than I do now? Nope! You gotta catch fun where you can, and for me it’s often behind the wheel.

Anyone else out there Grammy Winning Wannabe while driving? I cannot be the only one! 🙂