Amazon is trying to kill me!!

Hey there, everyone!

I wanted to know if any other authors have had this problem on Amazon. My books have garnered incredible 5 star reviews on Amazon since being published. It’s been so delightful to see how many people enjoyed them and are happier now in their relationships. Well, last night I went on to check out the review pages as a few people had let me know that they’d posted reviews and ALL OF THE REVIEWS on one of my books had been removed and over half of the reviews on the other book were gone. WTF????

I called Amazon immediately and the department I need to speak with is closed on weekend. I imagine it’s a glitch, but if anyone else has experienced this, can you let me know how you handled it? This is so weird!! I’ve spent the last year and a half just delighted reading all of them and having them there for others to read and they are just GONE!

I did some research and apparently this does happen sometimes, but its horrifying!!



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