I am soooooooooo naughty!!!

Sorry, pervs. Not naughty like that! At least not this time. πŸ™‚

I decided to not give a rat’s ass about what I jammed in my mouth today. I usually try to be fairly good, but today I said screw it.

Here’s my briefest post ever and the chronological rundown of my happy (ready to vomit) tummy contents:

  1. Spaghetti (my yummy recipe)
  2. 1 dark chocolate truffle
  3. 1 Skinny Cow snacky thing
  4. 1 Starbucks venti frappuccino light with 2 sweet & lows and sugar-free caramel
  5. Spaghetti again, because it’s damn good!
  6. 8 nacho cheese doritos
  7. 7 salt and vinegar potato chips
  8. 9 tortilla chips with nacho cheese
  9. 1 small Toblerone candy bar
  10. 1 square of peppermint bark and dark chocolate
  11. 12 green gummybears (2 of them were stuck together doing grown-up things–dirty little bears!)

I’m thinking that if I live through the night it will be a miracle.

Oh, and I just found part of a Dorito in my bra and a smear of spaghetti sauce on my shoulder. WTF? My shoulder? And I was in public for HOURS after eating spaghetti. Good grief.

In honor of my very full belly, let me introduce you to Sparky. He’s in the new cookbook, but I’m not tellin’ why he makes an appearance. I’m mean like that! πŸ˜‰

Sparky the Dragon
Created by the wonderful Kimberley at: