Farewell Evil Computer…Hello Awesome Hamster!

So this nightmarish, pissing me off, wanna take a bat to it computer is off to the shop tomorrow! Woo hoo!

Sorry I’ve been so utterly unavailable, but typing with my left hand only (I’m right handed) while I hold the power cord in with my right hand SUCKS DONKEY BALLS! 😉 Once I get my computer back, I too will be back with a vengeance and you’ll all want to run for your lives! 😉

To bid you adieu for a short time, I’m going to leave you with a little video treat of me and my hamster. It’s only about 90 seconds and it builds to the final payoff at the end (unlike porn where the climax comes early–no pun intended!).

Enjoy my furry little friend and I’ll talk to you all when I get my ‘puter back.


Oh and forgive the ungodly mess and all the squished teddy bears in the floor! This is the room where we are storing everything as we remodel the living room, so it is not pretty. Not pretty at all. 🙂

The Mouthy Musings of a Miscreant Teddy

So, as you guys know, one of the things I enjoy most in life is being a doofus. I’ve pretty much honed that skill to a sharp point, and you poor peeps have had to bear witness to it on more occasions than I can count! 🙂

As such, you also likely know that I loved teddy bears. And whether it’s an otter or a squirrel or a thing of indeterminate origin, it’s still a teddy bear to me. Grant and I make them talk and walk and, well….sometimes hump in horrible ways.  But every once and a while a teddy gets out of line and thinks he/she can take over the joint. That’s what happened today.

While I was in the shower, Cantankerous Duck took over my phone’s video camera and sent this to Daddy. Rotten little shit! I think I may have to shave him and put a Dunce Cap on him so all the other teddies know not to fuck with Mommy.


Here’s what the hubby said after seeing this: “That is fucked up cute, Bunnyhead.  I’ll rescue you baby doll…  nasty little gangster duck.”

HA! I love how he just rolls with my insanity. Bless that man.